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August 4, 2016


  1. Beyoncé - Love Drought (Leonce Bounce Mix)
  2. Keyshia Cole - Dont Waste My Time (Leonce Bounce Mix)
  3. Tinashe - All Hands On Deck (Leonce Bounce Mix)
  4. Eric Bellinger - Overrated (Leonce Bounce Mix)
  5. Red Cafe - Bad Bitch Alert (Leonce Bounce Mix)
  6. Tory Lanez - Luv (Leonce Bounce Mix)
  7. Jeremih - Impatient (Leonce Bounce Mix)
  8. Rihanna - Needed Me (Leonce Bounce Mix)

Free Download

HEATWAVE is a new New Orleans Bounce mixtape by Fade to Mind’s latest signee Leonce. Born and raised in New Orleans and currently residing in Atlanta, Leonce showcases his unique flavor and perspective in his new pack of edits, twisting 8 new songs with his signature chops and drums.

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Rizzla - Burning Boat
June 23, 2016

Horror vacui. I can’t fall asleep anymore. We should have burned the boats.

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Dawn Richard - Infrared
May 6, 2016


  1. Honest
  2. How I Get It
  3. Paint It Blue
  4. Baptize


The 4-track project is the result of the meeting of Dawn and the Fade to Mind team. They recently shared the lead single “HONEST,” a sultry, boundary-less blend of jungle and R&B.

The EP expands on the themes of love and independence over a hi-definition musical landscape. From the pulsating bass and teasing breakbeats of “HONEST” to the dystopian shimmer of “How I Get It” these records inhabit a complex, emotive realm that only D∆WN could pilot. A songwriter in her own right, she rarely collaborates with others, making Infrared a special example of a chemistry that drew Fade and her together. Produced entirely by Kingdom with co-writing and lyrics by Prince Will (who also worked closely writing CUT 4 ME with Kelela), Infrared is the latest electronic communication from the Fade to Mind world.

Photo by James W Mataitis Bailey

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Kingdom - Shox
March 25, 2016


  1. Shox
  2. Punished

Bleep / Boomkat / iTunes

After a year focused on vocal collaborations and curating his Fade to Mind imprint, Kingdom returns with Shox, a two track instrumental EP, and the first element in a wave of new Kingdom material set to debut this year. Two delicately brutal tracks that are equally at home in the club or as the soundtrack to late-night off-road drives. While working on his forthcoming debut album set to be released later this year, Kingdom dove deeper into emotional instrumental territories, sonics he developed while working alongside vocalists and songwriters like Sza, Kelela, and Dawn Richard, as well as through collaboration with Prince William and Bok Bok. With a unique approach to blending R&B and club music, Kingdom’s maturation as a composer continues down the path he blazed with his last release, Vertical XL (2013).

Shox is a crystalline club track that embraces an otherworldly industrial aesthetic, a devastating half-time beat driven by horns and hydraulic drums. Punished embodies the rap-club aesthetic Kingdom pioneered in his early dj sets and seminal mixtapes, allowing intricate percussion work to find its voice on top of the heavy bass, embodying a night of hedonism and the resulting physical punishment of waking life the next day. Both tracks merge influences ranging from ATL rap to first-wave R&Grime, held together by Kingdom’s signature sound design and flourish for mystical club music.

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NA - Cellar
March 2, 2016


  1. Cellar Theme
  2. Brass Claim
  3. Menace
  4. Definite Sentence
  5. NA in a Mood

Bleep / iTunes

12-inch Vinyl:
FTM Webstore

Cellar, the second solo EP from NA (Daniel Pineda of Nguzunguzu) on Fade to Mind, is a kinetic and brooding journey through the ominous side of club music, a personal vision of dystopia and angst. With 5 tracks that showcase NA’s wide-ranging musical influences, the record provides a personal manifesto for Pineda’s vision of club music for darker times. Texturally, all tracks on Cellar are drawn together by aggressive metallic manipulations, crisp percussion and devastating low-end. Highlighting NA’s technical skills as a producer, there is a careful balance between distortion and direct sound, resulting in highly atmospheric yet club-ready experiments.

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Rizzla - Iron Cages
September 25, 2015


  1. Iron Cages ft. Odile Myrtil
  2. Fucking Fascist
  3. Airlock
  4. Twitch Queen
  5. Black Jacobins

iTunes / Bleep

12″ Vinyl:
Fade to Mind Shop / Bleep

Rizzla’s debut EP, Iron Cages, is heavily influenced by his obsessive explorations into ragga, soca, dembow, bubbling and hardstyle – all laced with the signature sinister laughs and masochistic moaning of his early bootlegs. Title track “Iron Cages” features Daniel Aged of Inc. on guitars and Montreal­-based singer and producer Odile Myrtil delivering vocals.

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Rizzla - FADEMIX005: Rizzla
September 22, 2015

Rizzla – Burning Boat
Rizzla + Blk.Adonis x Speedy & Lumidee – Sientelo Brown Bottle
Rizzla – Wreck Tune 1
Alkaline – Jungle Burn (Rizzla Bootleg)
DJ Andy – Un Doble Paso Dominicano
Dj Tempo – Dembow Instrumental 20
Rizzla x Lady Saw x Neptunes – Kill Superthug Dead (s/o Massacooramaan)
DJ Ken’zii – Mystique/Bwa Level
HitMakerChinx & DJ Aaron- Judgement Tune Remix
Rizzla – Wreck Tune 2
Rizzla – Airlock
Rizzla – Fanatico
Rizzla – Twitch Queen
NA – Claim
Rizzla – Black Jacobins
DJ Boozy Woozy – Life Is Music
Rizzla – Fucking Fascist
Hexxus #47
DJ NJ Drone – Syn Stair (Blind Mix)

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Kelela - CUT 4 Me Deluxe Edition
April 6, 2015

iTunes / Bleep / Amoeba

Vinyl 3×LP:
Bleep / Amoeba

Bleep / Amoeba

Kelela – Cut 4 Me – DELUXE
Original album + 9 remixes
Out April 6th 2015 on triple gatefold vinyl, CD, and Digital

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Kingdom, MA - Kingdom b2b MA NGUZU on RinseFM Jan 8, 2015 [2-hr set]
January 8, 2015

Kingdom b2b MA NGUZU aka #July10th
+ Guest host Dawn Richard
Fade to Mind on Rinse FM 1.8.15

Tune in to Fade to Mind on Rinse FM the second Thursday of every month at 3pm PST / 6pm EST / 11pm GMT – Listen at and on 106.8 FM in London