Dawn Richard

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Dawn Richard - Infrared
May 6, 2016


  1. Honest
  2. How I Get It
  3. Paint It Blue
  4. Baptize


The 4-track project is the result of the meeting of Dawn and the Fade to Mind team. They recently shared the lead single “HONEST,” a sultry, boundary-less blend of jungle and R&B.

The EP expands on the themes of love and independence over a hi-definition musical landscape. From the pulsating bass and teasing breakbeats of “HONEST” to the dystopian shimmer of “How I Get It” these records inhabit a complex, emotive realm that only D∆WN could pilot. A songwriter in her own right, she rarely collaborates with others, making Infrared a special example of a chemistry that drew Fade and her together. Produced entirely by Kingdom with co-writing and lyrics by Prince Will (who also worked closely writing CUT 4 ME with Kelela), Infrared is the latest electronic communication from the Fade to Mind world.

Photo by James W Mataitis Bailey