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Massacooramaan - Cave Vision
October 25, 2017


  1. Batwings
  2. Raining Glass Sideway
  3. Orphan Vibe
  4. Tempoyak
  5. Feeding the Sea
  6. Fossil Water

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Cave Vision is the second EP release by Massacooramaan (Dave Quam) on Fade to Mind. After a long hiatus of releasing music, he is back with a new collection of untamed, introvert electronics, continuing his exploration of arcane narratives in club music.

Cave Vision is a spiritual successor to 2012’s Dead Long Time EP, a collection of the very first tracks Massacooramaan ever produced. That early work was immediately latched onto by Kingdom and Nguzunguzu in the early days of Fade to Mind, gaining him a spot on the new label’s roster. Dead Long Time was the origin of Massacooramaan’s voice, a unique and barbaric style of djing and producing that slowly fermented, stemming from his discovery of unknown bootlegs on long dead social media outlets from the mid 2000’s. This early era of hybrid samples and Frankenstein genres motivated Quam’s desire to make such music, songs that don’t meet traditional expectations, yet lovingly are influenced by them.

Inspired by claustrophobia and created during an isolated period of his life while struggling with substance abuse, the tracks on Cave Vision serve as warnings left by survivors of deep earth explorations. Detailing the beautiful horrors of within, this EP is as much about the magnificent dangers of geology as it is a search for clarity in the human psyche. Dominated by moody keys, controlled dissonance and broken percussion, Cave Vision is the final manifestation of this era of Massacooramaan’s evolving body of work, crystallized versions of dirges he has been developing since he started making music.